Final Cut Motion Template not working

I encounter issues in Final Cut with any of the generator elements I download from Envato Elements.

I followed all the installation steps and copied the downloaded unzipped folder to the generators folder.

In FCPX I can see the elements installed but as soon as I drag them onto the timeline, they appear as just a white block (I cannot see the actual element, whether it is a swirl or a shape or whatever it may be).

Adjusting the colour paramaters does not make a difference.

I have this issue with all of the elements that I can download, whether it is cartoon shapes or funny lines etc. The issue is there regardless of the developer of the element.

I am working on FCPX

Mac OS Catalina

I do not have motion installed.

Hey Anna,

It’s best to contact the author directly as they won’t be notified to respond to this post. Also you haven’t specified which product you purchased.

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