Filter of Product type not working properly

I am using Fastor 5.1–all the filter functions for my sidebar menu are working properly except for Product Type (which is important). It shows the number of products correctly under each type but when you click to see the products, some types show no products at all (even though its lists a number of how many next to its title) and others show them fine? I’ve worked on this for days. I can’t seem to find any discrepancy in any of the product setups why some would show and some would not–pulling my hair out here and losing sleep. Any suggestions? Ie: bug in system, set up problem, or even an app that can bypass this issue and give me a filter side bar–and I’ve tried a TON of apps, some are not compatible and some are beyond my ability to set them up. I would prefer to use the Shopify filter system, but I can’t figure out how to fix this problem.

thanks for any help!