Film about a centenary of ELTRA

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Hi, guys! Just want to let you know where your music is used) About a month ago I made a selection of tracks at AudioJungle for my customer from video production studio, for use in a 14 minutes film about a centenary of ELTRA - a specialized manufacturer of auto components and hinged electrical equipment for gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines.

So, in the beginning of July you all had the sale :slight_smile: of your next tracks:
They are placed in that order that you can find them in the film.



2:30-3:32 and 4:01-4:40


5:33-6:13 and 8:17-9:15






…and here the result - !

The link to this film is posted on the main page of official site of ELTRA -

Thanks for your music and wish you good sales!

P.S. if you want - you can rate some of my collections or comment my tracks, I will be very glad!


Thank you for your work and link! I wish you successful sales and creative ideas :slight_smile: & already rated your collections

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Thanks for picking one of mines!
Best of luck and endless sales to You, mate :slight_smile: !

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Thank you!)

Thank you, my friend!):wink:

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Hi @SwanMusicStudio,
Thank you very much for using one of our favorite track! Very touching to hear your own music in a memory episodes). Good luck with your work! Greets, Maria, Roman

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Thank you, Maria and Roman! I’m glad that you liked the usage of your music.

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Thank you @SwanMusicStudio you for your work and sharing! But this is not my track 13:43-13:59, I do not know whose track is :grinning: But, nevertheless, good work :+1:

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Oh, sorry, they should take your track, but it seems that they took a different decision for some reason.

I wish you good sales with this and other items!

Hi @SwanMusicStudio,
Many thanks to you , you make my day !!!:grinning:

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