Filezilla upload does not resume where it left off So it means upload starts over again.

Hi everyone,

When uploading with Filezilla, the connection is broken and the upload is reset.

But on other sites the upload is not reset even if the connection is broken. Example shutterstock.

thanks in advance.

Error code is:

Error: Disconnected from server: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted
Error: File transfer failed after transferring 503.578.624 bytes in 910 seconds

Hi @razaki,

Have you tried in the following way!
You need to create a Personal Token here:

Api permission for ftp:
When You will create a Personal Token can you confirm the following:

  1. You’ve generated a new API key here:
  2. It has permissions to:
  1. When you log in you’re using the new API key as your password, and the username is set case sensitive

for ftp You will need to confirm the following settings:

Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Logon Type: Ask for password
User: <your Envato username here> (this is case-sensitive)
Password: <you will be prompted for the API key>


Hello @mgscoder,

I’ve checked all the steps but the same error continues.

Thank you for your interest

Also you can try by closing running softwares in your PC which using Internet Connection Port:

  • Simply Go to Task Manager and Close your running softwares which using Internet Connection Port (as like: Skype)
  • then close Filezilla and restart Filezilla
  • Connect with Filezilla with your ftp login credentials

I uploaded the 2.5 gb file via the browser.

I tried all the steps for Filezilla but I could not find a solution.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I use filezilla also, I ve get different errors like yours sometimes but these were all temporary errors. I wonder what is your max. upload speed provided by ISP? upload errors are happening more often at slow upload speeds,

Hi frender,

I have a Fiber optic 5 mbp upload and I uploaded my file via web browser.

This problem has never happened in other ftp sites, for example adobe stock or shutterstock.