FIlezilla (FTP) not able to connect to Envato server!!!

hi all, anyone having issues today with uploading a pack via FTP? I am doing what I normally do, but Filezilla cannot connect to envato server. Anyone experiencing the same issue? Thanks

hi all good I just solved the issue. For some reason, I needed to create a new API token and paste it again in Filezilla. I will leave this post on in case it helps others. Thanks


How to do it please help. I am also having same problem.

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Hi @KitCreative, just read this and follow the instructions…that is what I did and it fixed. How to find my token all the best!

You can check all the post here:

This is the problem i am having…

I know…as I said, I was having the same thing…and I did exactly what is written on the link I sent you. good luck

What to do after getting the token i have got the token now what to do??

I have done all and put the token as password in the software same problem still having

sorry to hear the problem still remains…in that case I am really not sure…contact help support…they can help you with that. I wish you all the best.

problem solve Thank you