Files download and browser goes nowhere

I’m a layperson with no coding experience. Yesterday, I logged in to my website through my WordPress account and deleted a few pages and posts. I also updated plug-ins. I don’t think I did anything else out too out of my “element” but now when I type my domain into my browser, a file downloads to my computer and my browser goes nowhere. The Bluehost chat representative said the problem was my Cornerstone plugin. How do I get help fixing it?

I’m sorry, but can you please save your remaining web pages as templates and download them to your desktop computer, then format your site completely, and re-install WordPress, then re-upload each of your pages again?

The error may be something in your .htaccess settings which might not be easy to fix remotely. Again, you might use WP RESET PLUGIN to delete your .htacess and it means your site will lose all its settings, and it will begin to have new settings from whatever action you begin to carry out from now newly.

What that means is that whatever cronjob is causing that file to automatically download will also be lost, and it will appear as if you are starting again from scratch.

I hope this helps?