File upload problem

Hello community!

I have been trying to upload a pack of 197 mg for 3 or 4 days and it is impossible for me, since I can load the preview but the .rar file always gives me an error.
I have tried several browsers, but no luck.
The option of “ftp account” is also not valid for me since I did not know how to create the account successfully (very complicated).
Sometimes it has happened to me that there were loading errors, but they solved themselves after a while.
Is this happening to someone else?
Can someone guide me to find a solution?
I’m on the verge of an attack of nerves!
Thank you


Try with change browser
still not working open a Envato author help ticket they would like to assist you.

you can try with Envato FTP upload system

hope will helpful for you.


Thanks for your reply,

What do you mean by the change browser that still does not work?

I tried to create ftp server by following the instructions but I find it too hard for me.

I just wrote a ticket, but I’m too nervous with all this already.

Normally these loading errors were solved only by testing later.

Thanks for answering.

Do you upload “.rar”? Probably everything and always “.zip” uploaded.

@CleanMagicAudio said something right if you using rar change & try with Zip

Here another article about upload problem

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Thank you very much for your new response.
I have read that article too and I have loaded the file in .zip with the latest version of firefox, but the error persists when uploading the file.

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