File upload error. FTP don't available with AE templates. I need help.

Help please. I tried to upload a 2 GB AE template. The upload form does not allow uploading files larger than 500 MB, but it is reported that FTP can be used. I downloaded the files using FileZilla, but these files can only be selected on the download page of motion graphics and stock footage. At the same time, AE templates still assume only downloading files directly from the computer. Splitting the archive into parts didn’t help either. In this case, the zip format is not identified as the main file.

The problem is solved. To upload files via FTP of the AE template, I had to use a different hosting name, for AE templates hosting name is different from motion graphics.

I have the same problem!
can you explain more what should I have done?
what is the AE template hosting name?