File Rejected?

Any thoughts guys?

I know the trumpet muted sounds a bit funny, but rejected… really?

Here’s the link:

I do not understand why it was rejected. The instruments sounds realistic, mix is well, nothing peaks, no resonances, the mix is very ​​clean.

It may be that the files are being packaged wrong or maybe submitted to wrong genre?.

For me, these are high quality tracks.

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If you would like to resubmit the composition, maybe it is worth making a full song out of it? In my opinion, as an current form (intro) you are wasting the potential of this composition.

I would love to hear the full track :wink:

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Fully agree, it’s too short.

@WIDE-VIEW @audioland, here’s the thing. I submitted it as an ident, almost as a stinger. I can turn it into a full track easily, but I’m wondering if it’s even worth the time if their quality standards are vague and intangible. I wish they had a line of communication and reason for rejection because now that it’s hard rejected I can’t update it to meet the standards. I’ve been working in LA as a professional composer and songwriter, sound designer, and I’m always wondering why their quality standards are more difficult than actual clients?

Sounds really good. Maybe you could use some limiter/maximizer to make it sound less “uncooked”. :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I know from my own experience, you can re-submit a hard rejected song, you only have to make a change, so I think uploading the composition in the form of a full track would work.

It’s worth a try, I had identical with my first song “chasing dreams” I changed the mix and it was accepted, your case think is better because the song was rejected as the ident logo, stinger, if you change it to full track you are submitting totally different item :wink:.

It would be soft rejected only…
hard rejected it’s because the curator thinks that this track cannot be placed in the library…

Wow, great ideas here…
As @WIDE-VIEW said, I also think that this audio could be a longer composition… I feel that this one is too short for this great idea… maybe you are suggesting something more complex… maybe the curator thought that this track requires more development… and it’s not fair to leave this as a ident…?
just asking to myself.

Are Idents not short? @WIDE-VIEW

The composition and arrangement are good but you have too much sub and bass in your mix. It sounds muffled.

I Compose only full songs or shortened versions of them, so I can not say, although from the perspective of the rest of the tracks on audiojungle (logo & idents), they usually last an average of 7 - 20 seconds. So in my opinion, you’ve come across an incompetent reviewer and that’s it. (I’m very sorry, it’s really a very good composition). As for @AnthonySigouin “you have too much sub and bass in your mix. It sounds muffled.” Certainly this is not the reason for rejecting this item, below I attach screenshots from spectral analysis.

(~16 Khz cutted by mp3 converter)

There is no problems(maybe cutted mid but its nice for this kind of track. really opens space), even dynamics are very fine.


The bass above the reference does not make such a big difference,
In addition, most of the time I produced trap, hip hop beats, if you analyzed the spectrum of such songs, then bass will go massive beyond the reference curve (mainly newest trap-rap tracks).

@TrackHaus just make a full song out of it, maybe lower the bass a bit (for fast reference 12db/oct high pass filter ~40hz) if it does not cause you problems and I’m sure they will accept your song :wink:.