File Rejected - Where did I make a mistake?

Why was my position rejected? The content we are going through is very simple and should be accepted. I do not think I made a mistake. The irrelevant rejection message sent to us is as follows

(Consider using at least a minimal framework to structure the application better. Right now, it’s a mix of HTML, PHP and SQL)

I’m not really qualified to comment on the coding in any detail - but there obviously something the reviewers don’t like about your structure based on the past couple of threads.

That aside - the screenshots are poor quality, stretched and the front end design does not look premium.

While the code will be the priority, execution is still going to be a consideration for reviewers especially if they are not 100% with the code

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The script I code is absolutely unique and my work. It’s sad that you just kick me out because my pictures are bad.

From the beginning I have reviewed http://… I do not think it’s a problem. I sent the product again properly. I hope the result will be good this time.

Let’s just clear this up. Charlie is not “kicking you out” - this is a community forum, charlie has nothing to do with your item nor its review, and can only guess as to why your item was rejected.

I would recommend you open a ticket at and ask for clarification from your reviewer. They will forward your email to the reviewer who can provide more information to you.


Okay, thanks brother.

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