File rejected, requesting help and review

hello, I’ve been rejected and I did a small research in topics here about my problem.

The email I’ve got:

  • unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

My script (posting for reviews)

I’ve also read that it should be a zip with the following

  • Documentation
  • Script
  • SQL

My mistakes that I’ve managed to understand

  • The folder structure
  • I’ve used my facebook links
  • I’ve used my logo
  • I’ve forgot my passwords in :blush:


  • The script is easy to customize but you need to know PHP/HTML basics
  • The script is using PHP 8 features so it cant work in previous versions
  • SQL Injections: Using PDO prepared statements on their full extend
  • XSS Attacks: Inputs are sanitized properly in every place since my core function needs to be run and is done automatically there. Specific inputs are sanitized and expecting values to be specific
  • It is meant to work only under SSL
  • it has composer vendors and the composer itself inside
  • it requires an paypal developer application to work with smart button payments
  • Database works out of the box

My question of importance in the end “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” this indicates the time I’ve spend wasted?
Please dont be to hard on me but I accept raw replies just be polite its my first time.

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In a way, yes

It’s more like the features/functions not good enough as well as the design to sell it as a Premium item.

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Hello thanks for reply, can you define “good” for premium? the only thing that helps is other sellers from getting more competitors
for example if that’s the case a guy who has a lot of payment functions will be best seller and that’s the end of it he owns the market whatever you do with 1-2 functions less in your example he is not worth to be here…
are you sure when you say this or its just an opinion of your.

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