File naming and information workflow


I wanted to make a post to help newbies like me with the process of uploading the info of our tracks and sounds. With this I mean on how to make it in the most efficient way with a list of tips and tricks to make the process faster.

I’ll give the first ones, in windows when you got a folder with a bunch of files that you want to name following a list number (like Woosh 1, Woosh 2, etc.) you can select all of them and press F2 write the name just once and the rest of the files will name accordingly in numerical order.

To see the duration of multple files at the same time and not having to right click+details one by one you can import them all into your daw session and see their duration in the list of audio files included in your session. In Studio One is called pool and in Reaper media explorer, but I guess every DAW has it.

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Just a note, I don’t know for MacOS, but on Windows to see duration of files you can also simply add the “length” column in the explorer…

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