File Hard Reject


what do you think Guys.?
Please let me know the comments and suggestions.

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this is incredible to hard reject a high quality item like this … i am hallucinating! my friend your work is not only great , this is top notch indeed

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Hey Murat, imho the flyer looks very cool also the typography and font pairing is fine. But honestly the shoes are not fitting at all and they are ruining the composition. If i were you i’d remove them, rearrange the elements to cover the empty spaces and resubmit. Very good job anyway !

thank you Nico. hard rejection was a great surprise for me.

yes you right. I was undecided on adding shoes. Thanks Matteo for the nice suggestion.

as for me i like it even with it but as matt i tend to believe that would be better again without it

for me shoes or not is not the matter anyway … we have an item here 10000 times better than some very average things that daily make it for sale , in addition, how can anyone understand that such a great work is not just soft rejected so that supposed thing not good enough could be fixed? especially if this turns out to be matter of two elements felt as being removed , like these shoes , i would take two minutes to write, 5 minutes to edit / several hours of work saved for Murat and envato would have a great additional element in his portfolio to buy from … so the question is:
HOW CAN SUCH A GOOD ITEM BE HARD REJECTED DIRECTLY?! WHY NOT SOFT REJECTING?! it looks like that soft rejections do not exist anymore … why?!

this is incredible that 2 design from the same series got approved when 3 were not making it for sale and being trashed, how is it possible?!

I’m still in curiosity … Will do envato reviewers explanation? I do not have much hope.


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Super cool ! if it doesn’t go through this time, i’d be disappointed.

LOL u should not be surprised of anything here lol anything can happen as fro we could witness lol they could manage to reject one of my designs that i had made a flyer, cd cover and ticket with and when it came to the ID badge it was hard rejected lol (not to mention that the concerned design had 60 sales on aggregate …)

i love it but before u edited it i loved it too lol now this is just perfect :slight_smile:

all the better :slight_smile: but the rejection of his previous work is still disappointing