File Downloads Not Working - No Extension

The downloads on Elements are not working properly.
I have tested this on both new items and previous items (under My Downloads).
While it seems to download a file of sorts, it is not a Zip or any other recognized file extension.


Please open a Help ticket at the following link. Other customers are experiencing the same issue, so it sounds like something likely isn’t working properly on Envato’s side.



Thank you, Bailey.

Ticket has been submitted.


Having same problem as well. Ticket has been made. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. :pensive:

I found a work-around that might help.

Even though the zip files are downloading as a non-recognized file, I tried extracting the files using 7-zip and selecting “Extract Here”. Oddly enough, it worked.
I could not duplicate the fix on the standard Win 10 Zip Extraction. I only got it to work on 7-Zip.
This might also work on other 3rd party zip programs too. Certainly worth a try if you do not have 7-Zip.

Clearly this is only a temporary solutions but it keeps the project moving forward until they fix the issue.

I hope this helps!

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I am having this issue as well

Hi @L_W_Designs, @mllozoya & @Mastemine. We had an issue with Envato Elements last night that prevented some types of files from being downloaded - that issue was resolved earlier this morning, and you should be able to download items as normal.

If you see anything like this in future, you can check to see if an incident has been reported. You can also open an Elements Help Ticket and our Customer Success team can look into it for you :slight_smile:


Looks like everything is working great now.

Thank you, Ben!

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