Figma template! Web Design! Is it suitable for Envato?

When I sent a design 2 years ago, envato forums, you said that it was not good., but I didn’t believe it. After 2 years, I tried again. I can’t wait for your comment.

With respect this is a long way off premium or envato standards.

  • All sorts of design fundamental issues with typography and hierarchy and spacing in particular

  • The concept is so so overdone and it’s easy to find working free versions (preventing anyone from needing to code it)

What path should I follow? Should I quit this job? (I am very enthusiastic).

Envsto is a premium marketplace so if you want to sell here then there nothing stopping you but you are going to need to invest a significant amount of time in learning design principals and building the experience to deploy that effectively.

Figma is doubly difficult because the lack of code puts the emphasis entirely on the design and execution which means things need to be extra e unique, polished and pixel perfect

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