Figma Template Hard Reject

Hello everyone, I hardly understand why my first portfolio template got rejected, here are the links

Original -

Preview -

Is that because I used behance images ? All images I used had - Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivatives license.

Any advice will be grateful.

Thank you for your time.

Hello, I guess you need to work on the typography and some sections.

To the reviewer, your project may seem endless. Perhaps you should add some missing subpages that you include in the page navigation.

The preview image says “30+ Pages”, but where are the pages?

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Many thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it and I also appreciate all the help that your country do for my country.

if I understand you correctly, to navigate between pages you need to click to Figma logo on top - left corner of the window.

I split all pages to categories.

I am not clearly understand what you mean by “some sections”

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I have only recently read the subpages for your project and I have to admit that it looks pretty good.

The only thing that bothers me is probably the home pages / landing pages. On these pages it seems to me that the text is very far from the photo which causes a “hole”. Visually, it seems that something is missing there.

Why not try this: reduce the height of the images and center the text in the center of the image? Maybe these sections need to be done alternately?

I am having trouble reading “Pricing” visually. It is interesting and different from the standard tables, but it can be an aesthetic problem for the reviewer.

I hope your country returns to normal soon. I wish you all the best to your relatives and friends.

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Hello, thank you

About that “hole” from visual perspective you are absolutely right, when I was creating this I imagine that this text should be sticky so centered text never crossed my mind.

About “pricing” this dotted border may be really look “weird” I guess and I also guess that I need change testimonials section and make a little typography changes.

Anyway this template got hard rejected so I assume that I am no longer available to resubmit this item without cardinal changes.

Best regards.

I added a few comments on your Figma project but don’t know if you will see them?

You mentioned that the project was severely rejected, but I would make a few changes and send it again with an explanation to the reviewer.

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wow I even didn’t expect such reaction I really grateful for this

Yes I see the comments

Not severely, just one hard reject :slight_smile: I will make this changes and send it again

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