Fiddle vst


Hi guys! Do you know of any good country sounding violin? Most sound too "orchestral " .



Hi Kurlykovs, I’ve used the fiddle from Native Instruments Kontakt “Factory Library” and have been pleased with its sound. Check out this EXAMPLE from 0:45 to end. It did take some extra effort to tweak the automation to make the performance sound more real.
You can find it in the folder path: World\6-Strings\Fiddle.nki
Good luck with your search!


It sounds nice in your track, but when I used it in mine, it kind of sounded crappy, I guess I have to try doing the extra tweaking :slight_smile:


Friedlander violin, and EW solo violin are quite good for the style.


try spitfire solo violin !


I’ve just used Friedlander violin on my latest acoustic track in my portfolio actually, I like that you can control the vibrato with the mod wheel, and the portamento is quite nice.


I actually just bought the damn thing :slight_smile: it sounds good, but I can’t make it sounds “fast” my track has a high tempo, and I can’t find a good way to have a faster attack on the strings. :frowning:


On the configure page, just turn the speed control knobs up. Let me know if you have any trouble.


Doesn’t seem to do the trick :frowning: