Few times reject. Need a help to become approve

Hi! I’d like to have an analyse to my track. Both of them had been rejected. I need your advise, who sell here the tracks already. What do I need to change in composition, tone (minor/major) and mastering? It’s a pity to have rejects sometimes… Professionals, help please! :wink:



Hi,1.“Epic Motion” problem with harmonies (chords false).
2.“Hope Preview” Mixing is not very good, all the tools in a heap. I think so.

Thanks a lot!
I’ve found some articles about chords progression. But how can I use correctly fruity parametric EQ to make each intrument good sound and correct frequency? (There is written everywhere, that each enstrument has own frequency, but noone writes how to do it). :slight_smile:

And again. I’ve become rejects. Each instrument has own frequency (cutting 20Hz, some mids and high), a little bit limiter and reverb. Then in mastering a little bit equalizer, dynamics, maximizer. I’ve tried some methods of mix&mastering, but it’s still rejected…

Could anybody tell me clear advices please?