Fees are set by envato based on length of track?

Forgive me if this has been beaten to death, I figure it has but could not find the thread. There is no way to set your own price? What does the length of track pricing look like? Does this count for the price of the main track only or the length with all the alternates?

edit: I now see the newer article that states it can be decided on quality and other factors as well.

Thanks so much!

Until now Envato decided the price by length of the track and type. For example music with length more than 2 minutes will be $19, 1:00 - 1:59 will be $15.
But later author can set their own price, just wait for the announcement.

Is author self-pricing a “done deal”, or just speculation based on what authors have been asking for and hoping to get?

A lot of people don’t sell here because of the ridiculously low licensing rates compared to the rest of the market. If they either up the rates or allow self-pricing while keeping a minimum, they might get composers with higher quality music agreeing to come on board. Perhaps some will even use their real names instead of aliases. No professional wants to be associated with “low budget” level music.

It’s a done deal. It’s been applied to the other marketplaces and should be rolled out on AJ by the end of the year.