Feeling Cheated by the Author

Hello Everyone,

I have purchased this theme [removed by mod] from themeforest. This theme have lots of serious error. For example I have posted a tour package from the backend but it is showing the dummy data. see the link for backend screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot and link below https://vacationdiaries.in/tour/barog-diaries-kasoli-hills/ . .customer support and support is totally useless.

They are not responding on tickets. I have created many tickets and after 24 hrs they replied with excuse.

I gave 1 star to author and immediately I got the mail from author . see his reply
“Our team answer all ticket on by one. Our support tourn around time is 24hours max. We do not have only 1 or 2 ticket we have many customers we have to answer only by one according to serial. If you need more fast response we are sorry it is not possible ,we have to take care each and every customers ticket. If you dot feel comfortable and this unprofessionalism from our end. We suggest you to open refund we will approve that”

He is ready to refund but still I changed the rating to 1 star to 4 star but they are still doing same behavior. If the data stored at backend is not reflecting on front end means this website is with static value.

I still want to go with theme as I spent lot of time on this website and now author is not responding. Please advise what to do.

Hello @vikaschopragurgaon

You have 3 options:

1. Wait for support.
As far as I understood from your message, the author has responded within 24h, which is the time stated in the Support Tab of the item.

I know it is frustrating to wait but there is nothing you can really do regarding that since the author respects the period mentioned there. I’m sure they get a lot o support tickets so I strongly advise you to be a bit patient and work with them to solve your problems.

Pro Tip: Try sending one single ticket that includes a large description of the issues you’ve encountered and ask all the questions you have. Like this, you won’t have to wait for every single question to be answered in separate tickets.

2. Get the refund.
You can request a refund if you are eligible for one. You can read more about that here: Can I get a refund

3. Have someone customise the theme for you
In case you still want to use the theme and don’t want to use the support provided by the author, you can hire a freelancer on Envato Studio

Actually they don’t want to support because I gave 1 Star to theme so they are very angry with 1 star. Same post i sent them via email and i just got 1 liner from them " Apply Refund we will refund".

Regarding Option 3 suggested by you: I am wordpress expert and already purchased more then 25 themes from this website but never got this type of reply.

I understand and I appologise if my message insulted you, I did not intend to do that. Just explaining the options available for you. :blush:

If none of the options listed in my previous post suits your needs, then you can contact Envato Market Help and Support. They will pe happy to assist.

No No. Dont mind Please. I am very frustrated due to the behavior of Author.

I understand. The best course of action is to contact Envato Market Help and Support. They have dedicated Customer Success and Author Success teams and they take these type of issues very seriously. I’m sure they will be able to assist.

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