Project - 2D Animation Explainer Video

Hi, I had created an 2d animation explainer video, please share your feedback.

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Hi. I think that your project doesn’t explain much to be an explainer template, it’s a little short in my opinion. You need to work more on easy ease keyframes and graph editor curves of many elements on screen to make a smooth and fluid animation. If you’re going to use 2D characters they should have more motion. The arrow graph is just a wipe instead of a well animated growing arrow. Everything looks too static. And I guess the Fiverr logo doesn’t help, use any other generic logo or the envato logo.
Anyway, it’s just my opinion. Maybe other authors can give you more feedback.
Good luck!

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Hi Motion_Cuervo,

I think you could consider to rework this part:

In terms of design, the image seems not related to the preview frame.
Standardize color patterns and typography through.

The static concept was already commented by @GoForMotion.