I uploaded a template and got hard rejected. Can I have anyone’s feedback?
File: Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

Hello! You don’t need to share your file via email. Just attach it here

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You would be best to share a working demo (assuming it is code) or a preview image (if it is static) as you would have done when submitting.

There’s no need for you to share the full source and people will be reluctant to download files from unknown sources

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I will do that too. Thanks for the advice.

Done! Attached some ss.

Is this coded and HTML or just the design?

  • The concept is very very basic and quite outdated - it would be easy to find this and more for free online but items that sell here need to offer premium value

  • Typography needs a ton of work including font choices alignment, hierarchy etc.

Appriciate you taking some time out. The concept I selected was basic and I kept the design that way too. I had done some work on animations and how they would go with the static view. I will get back to work I guess. Thanks!