Please give your valuable feed back for the attached work .


Good to see a different card theme for a change. Have you submitted it yet? Or are you getting some feedback before you do that?

  • I would use a different wood texture around the edge, this one looks a little low quality.
  • Add a very subtle shadow under the paper, so that it looks as if it’s physically sitting on the wood.
  • The shadows under the images are way to harsh. Change the colour to brown, set the blending mode to Overlay, lower the opacity, add another shadow above it with the same colour, set it to Multiply, and lower the opacity. That should give it a more realistic look while staying subtle, but play with it a bit so that it looks right.
  • Maybe stick with only one image, those 4 will be pretty small on a business card, and might look messy depending on the photos they choose. Just set a place for one photo that’s takes up the same space as those 4.
  • The font choices might be too hard to read at that size, especially the cursive font used for the contact info. The contact info is the entire purpose of the card, so it needs to be easily readable. Cursive fonts are inherently slightly harder to read and even more so when that size on a business card.
  • That brush stroke behind the name should be larger so that the name has more room around the edges, plus someone with a long name wouldn’t fit within it very well. Maybe get rid of the logo above the name so you have more room to work with. The logo is already on the front, so it isn’t necessary to have it again. The brush stroke on the front should also be bigger.
  • It might be a good idea to move the text in from the side a bit, it looks a little too close.


  • Choose a different mockup, I know that one is free, but it looks very fake and unfitting with the theme. I’d try to find one with a nice wood background, or maybe black stone. Something that fits more with the theme of cooking/food.
  • Show a few customization options, such as colour variations, and maybe a different logo.
  • Put together a nice preview which clearly shows the card, it’s details, and shows that it’s customizable.

Thanks for your feed back

hi well i personally do not feel exactly as @XioxGraphix, for me the main problem wit wood is that that the wooden edge is too small and as such will not been much displayed until u can wander what is the purpose of it so to speak … though i fully agree with him about the shadow thing , this is a very good advice and same goes with the shadows under the pictures , this is completely true what he mentioned

as regard to pictures, u may give what he said a try though i personally tend to believe that there is nothing wrong with what u did this far. No for me the big problem is more likely to be the fact that the whole originality and aesthetic of the card is mainly due to the logo which is meant to be changed and that apart from the concerned logo this is very empty graphic design wise … think about it , it would be rather easy for anyone to redo this in a short while - and create a better version free of mistakes indeed - so why buying the item in the end ?

BTW talking about mistakes u have a real issue with texts on the sideway , right next to vignettes , the text is not properly flagged, not properly balanced and not this very readable either …all elements in the right pat of this side are just too close from the edge and there is no “breathing”