Please give your valuable advice about the work


here is the another

Better, but you still have all the info crammed together. Those shadows are also a little too harsh, try making them a bit more subtle by lowering the opacity.

Again, you have so much empty space, so let each element move into it a bit more. The title and tagline are a little close, same with the name and occupation. Just put a few pixels between each of them.

For the icons, I’m glad you made them all the same colour, but they need space. Ideally they should each have the same amount of space on each side of themselves, at the moment it looks like they’re nearly touching the sides, which is a big reason why it looks so cramped up. Speaking of icons, I still think you should design some original ones.

I like the pattern in the background, gives it some texture and makes it look more interesting.


Please take a look on attached file .


well he also needs to keep items imbricated , too … so even of he does what u recommand he should not do much indeed …

Correct, not too much. Just select “Graphic Designer” then push the down arrow key 1-3 times.

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