Please need suggestion for the work.


I didnt see any design here,

It is better then previews ones but still it missing something to pop up. Maybe you can play more with that shadow.

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hi i believe the same as @DesignSomething indeed. There is a real effort once again to bring something original to the table and this has to be noticed, this is though not perfect , there are still some points that u can improve slightly in my view. First , despite setting harmonious colors, u still have a bit of contrast issue and texts are not popping out exactly as expected yet in the best cases or are a bit hard to read very distinctively. As fro me , as we are dealing with typo, there could be better choices that the font that u selected in my opinion, i would rather opt for a bit more traditional and less rounded main font in this case. I have a bit trouble with the combination of the logo and name and function just under in the information side …i guess that it would be welcome if u could find a way to imbricate them a bit more … the icons changing colors as u have at this stage are hard to explain and this is not really adding value to your design if u ask me … i would rather choose, personally , to keep them all in the same color. Finally maybe having a small texture in the background would help to give a final touch to what u have here … :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please see this without mokup.

Still missing something to stand out the crowd. Spend 3 more minutes and add 2 different phone numbers. Also in real life on business cards no one will print 2 emails and 2 websites. Try to rearrange contact section.


I like the colours, logo, and fonts.

Though I agree with what was mentioned by others, it’s very simple and has little to no design elements.

For a card that’s very open with lots of empty space, the info is all very crammed together, which makes it slightly difficult to look at. I would remove all of the duplicate lines in the info section, since the vast majority of people are not going to have multiples of each of those things. I work at a design/print shop where we make a lot of business cards for different people, and not a single one has had 2 phone numbers, addresses, websites, or emails, just like DesignSomething mentioned.

I’m just throwing this idea out there, but I think this card would work well with a very subtle Art Nouveau style pattern in the background, and a vignette around the edges to draw your attention to the center. Also space out the info much more, you have so much space that’s unused, and to give even more space, remove the logo from the info side, since it’s not really needed there. “Designer” in “Graphic Designer” should also be capitalized since it’s a title. All the icons should be the same colour, and the email icon should be different from the location one. Speaking of icons, try creating your own original ones, since these are currently very common and don’t really offer any value to the design, whereas custom made icons would, the same goes for pretty much anything, the more custom made parts you put into an item, the more value it gets.

Thanks for your feedback. But in graphicriver I found lots of card which have 2 phone number 2 mail address. And graphic river approved this


You can do it, but it’s completely useless for the vast majority of people.

Can you please see my another upload file…