Feedback ??

Didn’t think this would get rejected.

Hi bro!

Very cool sounds! Believe me, this is really good.

In my opinion, the only drawback is the snare drum, which is not directly included in the overall picture, you need to add some space for it (Reverb and more).

Also, vocal chops are a little bit harsh, I understand what you wanted to do, but it is a little annoying when listening.

And so everything is cool.

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A very good song, both composition and production are on very high level, in my opinion this track is too original for an audiojungle, thats all."

I would love to hear this song on the lo-fi yt radio

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Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like it
I see. By “harsh” you mean harsh frequencies, or “harsh” as in too intrusive in the song?

Do you think working on these two things you suggested would be enough to try resubmitting?

@WIDE-VIEW Thank you! I do plan on releasing a “listening version” too. Let’s hope I can get it on some lo-fi radios haha.

If you do these two things qualitatively (not in a couple of minutes, but spend time improving the overall mix) then surely it will be a radical change, then you can send the track again with a new mood, it will be considered as a new track. But again, the old and the new version should be decently different from each other. Also listen to other tips given by good authors.

I think after that you will be fine. As I remember, Envato considers items after a significant change and it will be a practical new track. (somewhere in the last topic this has already been discussed more than once)

All the best to you!

Thank you for the input.

May I ask what you meant by “harsh” vocal chops in your first comment?

I see now how the snare could sound a little dry, but to my ears the vocal chops sound fine, which is I’m asking for feedback in the first place :sweat_smile: Can’t fix if I don’t know what’s broken.