feedback-why rejected

Hello, I’m a beginner, the track was rejected, I think either because of the track itself or because of the information, I wanted to know by what criteria the track was rejected, what do you think? If it does not bother you, you can give me a detailed answer. Thank you very much, good day

Eu gostei, não sei porque foi rejeitada

Hi there, are you new to AJ or are you trying to make a joke?. This is clearly a big mistake. I have to tell you that the reviewer might have skipped this track immediately after hearing the watermark from the start. Why?. Because it is pitch-shifted and you aren’t allowed to do it nor edit AJ watermark in any way. Besides, your track isn’t commercial ready yet. You still need to work more on arrangement, mixing and mastering. Hope that helps…

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Nicholas doesnt think the same… :joy:


Thank you for your feedback, I’m a newbie . Follow your advice

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