Feedback Time after WP theme submission

How much time do these guys take in feedback. Its been 9 days.

Last time I submitted on 23rd October and got the feedback on 26 the Morning 11AM. In which 24 and 25 was Saturday and sunday of so Just 1 working day and got the rejection.

This time this is taking some considerable time. so what should I infer Probably before a Theme is approved it goes through couple of rounds. so this delay means at-least I have passed initial rounds this time?

Can some one reply or this forum is dead?

You can see the estimated times:

It’s only estimation though, we had resubmission in queue for 6 days now so we’ll both have to wait just a little longer :slight_smile:

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But first time they refused my item in just 1 working day? what should I infer this time they have taken lots of time so has my theme crossed at-least few level of inspection?