Feedback - three hard rejected tracks

Hi there,

unfortunately, three of our uploaded tracks got hard-rejected. We are new at Audiojungle, so at the moment we’re just guessing what exactly wasn’t good enough.
So we’d appreciate some feedback about the tracks from more experienced members. We’re mainly interested what’s wrong with the tracks concerning mixing and production.

Happy Upbeat

Asian Wind

The Wheel of Emotion

We’re looking forward to your comments!
Flo and Arnaud from Audiostamp

Ok, here are some first impressions:

1st track has an artificial, non-human, over-quantised feel to it. The sounds are plasticky and midi-ish, way below current standard at AJ.

2nd track is lacking space and depth. A few good reverbs might do wonders.

3rd track, same problem - dry, direct, unemotional sound, despite the “emotion” in the title. There is not enough development, the composition is not going anywhere. The analogue synth around 1:12 sounds horribly outdated.

Overall imho you need a) better sounds, b) better rooms c) more exciting compositions to make it here.

Hope this helps - good luck!

Hi Flo and Arnaud . The tracks,as library tracks sound ok to me on a musical/ production kind of level. I could go into depth in what reverbs/plug ins you are using, but for stock music , these tracks are good enough.

Maybe the reviewers didn’t think that they had any commercial potential for THIS library . This library is quite a conservative library and most of it’s big sellers are quite similar and fall into a few genres/styles. I have nearly 30 years experience writing instrumental music for TV and have struggled on this library by producing music that does not fall into the popular genre/type that is currently in fashion on here .

Where do you go from here ?

  1. Submit these 3 tracks to another library
  2. If you want to do well in this library listen to the top sellers - not just once but over a period of a few weeks/months and you’ll see what the market is for this particular library.

Thats my advice.

I wish you luck and you’ll need it - the market is totally over saturated .

Take Care


Hi @Totalthrive and @FirstNote, thanks for taking the time listening to the tracks and commenting. That’s very helpful.

@Totalthrive: We’re certainly going to give these tracks another chance elsewhere.

Thanks again.

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Hey Man,
thanks so much for your feedback

I have some questions to know how to improve it for later upload and would apreciate if you’d have a moment to enlighten me :slight_smile:

track 1
the drums, bass, first keyboard and piano seems ok to me.Are they not ?
I agree that the xylo and other instruments sound kinda plastic.

track 2
I confess i dont know how to handle reverb well, any tutorial & vst recommandations ?

track 3
how to undry it ? reverb again ?
what do you think of the second half once the piano comes in ?
i hear and feel that there’s a lot of room for improvement for the strings … i’m just not sure on how to go about it :confused:

concerning the sounds I use the EW suite (hollywood strings, brass etc…) what do you recommend ? and concerning the rooms (I assume you mean reverb room) ?

in any case thanks a lot for your feedback which will allow us to improve our production standard !

Arnaud from AudioStamp

Gary, thanks so much for those motivating words !

It would be great if you could elaborate in the reverbs and plug ins you recommand or provide some links to tutorials as I feel more and more this is an area where I need to improve.

thanks again !

Oftentimes it is not so much about one single instrument, more about the way they interact and merge into an overall sound. However, try to make each instrument sound as realistic as possible, which mostly includes a room (reverb) of some sort. If you are using EW stuff, you are using the Play VST which has good convolution rooms - play around with them and learn. Other than this, there is a ton of free knowledge out there, just google “how to use reverb” for example. Really, it is about trying things out and learning through experience - good luck!

It’s hard for me to teach/show somebody how to engineer/produce on a forum .My teaching happened years before music was made on computers and I learnt using real instruments/musician, real mixing desks, rooms and microphones .When computers and DAWs came along with great sample libraries and effect presets it allowed people with no musical/engineering and production knowledge to instantly make something that resembled commercially recorded music - bypassing years of learning to engineer/produce record and learn to play real instruments.
Count yourself lucky.
My 12 year old daughter can make music that resembles commercially recorded music on her iPhone.
You also now have hours and hours of free tutorials showing you how to use this cheap (or often free ) software. What most people have on their laptops now would’ve cost £100,000’s 30 years ago. I’m not exaggerating . I set up my first recording studio in 1990 and had to save up about £5000 (about £15000 now ) to have a used 12 channel mixing desk, an 8 track reel to reel , 1 compressor, 1 reverb unit and a handful of dynamic mics.
All you need to put in is time and as I said a " lot of luck " as the market is totally over saturated.

i can give some advise only for track 3 ! try more reverb individual and not in group ! and also try to stereo width em with waves if you have or any similar plugin that makes 3d width ! also positioning violins- violas and cellos is always a good idea on orchestral tracks !
some plugs you can try is H reverb (waves) and c6 to group strings ! i usually dont eq strings because most libraries out there are perfectly equed !

Thanks @AmazAudio, @Totalthrive & @FirstNote for those good and actionnable pieces of advice.
I’ll rework one or two of the rejected songs and will repost, then use the acquired knowledge to make our next submission more likely to be accepted #excited :slight_smile:

thanks again

Arnaud of AS

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