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Hello, my item was rejected and I need some feedback, so I can do a better item.


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Out-dated design with spacing/typo issues. You should find better idea

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In addition, the bland design turns your item very simplistic. Offer more options of customization to your customers, like background color, background images for certain sections, maybe customizable gradient colors.

This “coming soon” text above “We” is not acceptable at all, rework distances with attention.

Keep trying and good luck :+1:

Thanks for your time and your response.

Thanks for your time. The idea was to do something simple, minimal, but it seems that it is not what the market demands now, and well this typo/spacing thing is a little hard to do. Can you recommend me a lecture, video or any resource about it?. Thanks

Hi @yesiddgarzon,

You are welcome.

Here you go… most of these links are recommended by Envato reviewers after Soft Rejections, you can read the articles that may apply to your issues.


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Hi @webdesigntrade,

Sadly my item was hard rejected, but I have other two items that I want to upload and this info will be very useful to fix them and have them more accurate.

Thank you very much.

Sorry by that. Reviewers receive a lot of projects, so it is important to do substantial changes before resubmission. When you get a soft reject, they are allowing you to improve details, so take your time, breath and do your best. It can take a week, no matter, but do the changes.

Best wishes with your next uploads, keep going :trophy: