Feedback - Resolved

[deleted text - thank you for your feedback everyone!]

I think the instrument sounds too “aggressive” and too conspicuous. Especially the “mute guitar”. maybe that was the reason for the refusal.

Hey !

I think that you’ve got your reject for the quality of the track
the mixing and mastering of the track
Try to improve it - learn, listen top’s tracks

Wish you good sales!

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Thanks for the reply and your expertise. I hope to return the favor some day.

You need to search for resonances “in musical instruments” and make them quieter EQ. I think that you used too much compression. try to do less compression.

I think that not only because of mastering. Perhaps this is due to the arrangement. In the background, you use rhythmized chords, at the beginning of the track they sound beautiful but in the process of increasing the arrangement, there are a lot of chord discord between the instruments. This is because the chords in the background are mostly seventh chords. Here’s an example: 1:42 - on the chord vertical from the bass to the top instrument sounds - D,F,G,A,B,C,D, My advice is to simplify the chords in the background to triads or Secstecords, and check all the dissonant moments.

Thanks for the EQ and mix advice.