Feedback requested on rejected track - electronica

I would love some feedback on my track “Nightwalker” which was rejected recently. The message was:

“Hi, Thank you for your submission.
But, this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

Thank you kindly for any help you can provide - I appreciate it!

Here are 3 things where they require moderation & consistency:

Excessive effects

Extreme use of reverb, echo delay, or other effects can limit the utility of a track. They should be used in moderation, or in a way that keeps the mix sounding balanced.

Panning balance

Strong shifts in panning are not recommended. Especially in the low end.

Volume levels ­

Volume levels should be consistent throughout the track. Sudden spikes or drops will significantly limit the utility for most projects. Also, it’s always a good idea to compare your levels with other content online, to ensure your submission isn’t too loud or too quiet.

Finally, while it is important to have consistent volume levels, it’s important to not compress tracks so much that they lose their dynamic range, this is particularly applicable to orchestral music, where retaining dynamic range is important.

You might want to read this very helpful article for your future submissions.

intro is way to long with to little happening.

Thanks for the feedback @LeNoir19!

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Thanks @KabbalisticVillage for the feedback.