Feedback Request: HTML template got hard rejected!

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Parley - Business Consulting HTML Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Hi, I don’t understand what’s wrong with this template and why are they rejecting it so hard? Please help me.

Here is my demo link: Parley

vendor.min.js Why did you change the name of the jquery file?

A horizontal scroll and the recaptcha logo appear on the first page.

Test your design in a resolution of 1360x768 pixels…


Thank you for taking the time to look at my template and provide your vaualble feedback.
We actually combined the bootstrap, jQuery and jQuery migrate files and minified them together as vendor.min.js for page load speed purposes. Is it against the standard rules?

Thanks a lot for pointing out the other issues you mentioned.
Also curious, do you think I should update the design of template or add more page variations and re-submit?

Design is not bad. At least you must get soft rejection insted of hard.


Thank you for your feedback. I guess I will have to update few stuffs and re-submit.

I also don’t understand why it was hard reject, visually it’s fine, but I didn’t see the code. I wonder if putting bootstrap into vendor.min.js was not liked. Any reviewer to comment?

I think that maybe reviewer was wrong hard rejected your item but your design is good or maybe too reviewer not like your design but all not same your opinion

I have seen other templates do the same! So not sure if that was the reason.

Thank you for your feedback. Will update the template and re-submit.

Try changing the black color of post-title, etc. here and add a background photo in the header, I also think you should check the contrast in some cases Parley - Business Consulting HTML Template

I think you have to do some work for colors, line-height and margins here.


It looks okay, but one of my issues if I was reviewing this would be the text used on the pages to “fill it out”. Example:

“Why gormless loo he lost his bottle wellies cup of tea pardon me lost the plot naff what a plonker lurgy show off show off pick your nose and blow.”

Really who wants to know someone is a plonker and they pick their own nose :wink:

To top that off I wonder if this is an original design, or a modified design from another URL. Perhaps you can enlighten us?

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Thank you so much for your inputs. I will definitely make sure to make those changes in the update.

Good catch!
I should inform my team about using such texts!

This is an inspired( aren’t all design? ) design and it looks like the design team has also copied the texts as well! Even original designs are also inspired/modified from some other designs,right?