Feedback rejection please!

A couple of my tracks got hard rejected, but I would appreciate some feedback and criticism for one of them!

Is it the chord progression/structure, the mastering, or both?


I am brand new to AJ, and so offer this suggestion with the caveat that I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

But, at 1:26, the track enters a ten second long ‘break’. It works very well in terms of listening. But I just happened to read the following just a few minutes before checking out the forum:

Music General Acceptance and Sales Tips

" Pauses or breaks in a track can limit the number of visuals that can be supported…if the tempo or style changes suddenly after 1 minute, or pause is heard while the pace of the visual continues, a feeling of discord or interruption can occur…"

I wonder if this is the kind of ‘pause’ they’re talking about?

Thanks for the response and welcome to AJ! I’m new here as well and I’ve overlooked that tip. That could very well be one of the reasons, which I will work on the future. Thanks!

Maybe you shouldn’t use that drastic panning technique, main sounds must be heard from all speakers not just from left or right. My advice is to search for some similar tunes that are in trending and compare your master to theirs.

Allow me to disagree. I view different video where there is a monologue of a man and very often the music in the background where the instruments are played either to the left or right. I’m not a fan of these techniques. but it is practiced frequently.

Thanks for the responses guys! I will take what you both said into account

he’s not selling monologue on AJ, he is selling music. and music must sound within rules.