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Hi, can you give me a feedback on this item? It was rejected because not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle.
What does it exactly mean? the problem is composition, arrangement, mixing or mastering ( or everything ? )
Any comments would be much appreciated.
Thanks and regard

Hello! About the listed problems … the answer is yes. Everywhere a little.

  1. The composition. It seems that you selected a hook from two options and just forgot to click mute on one of them. These two lines having equal tones interfere with each other. Especially after 1m, the emerging dissonances are annoying. Two guitar parts is fine. But they must be combined harmoniously and timbrally and not interconnect. Moreover, they should not be so bred in channels. The guitar parts themselves are interesting. Guitar thinking is heard. But they are killing each other. This just affects the arrangement.
  2. Mixing. Again about the guitars. They should not be in the foreground and stand out so much with both volume and timbre. The sound should be more muffled and deeper in the mix. You can get the filling effect with one guitar part by positioning it in the center and choosing the right stereo delay. In this case, the second part may not be needed or just a couple of notes will be required to bring in rhythmic or harmonic color. And use guitar filters more carefully. They attract attention a lot. I will not touch on other tools. They sound much better than guitars.
    Summary. You just need to put everything in its place. In the track there are good ideas that are a pity to lose. Work with the reference track. So your mistakes in arrangement and mixing will be more evident. After corrections, you may not need to change the mastering settings … This is what was immediately heard. Good luck and patience! You will succeed.
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I’ll add a little more. In general, the mix sounds balanced on good monitoring. There is excess in the lower frequencies due to which the illusion is created that everything is in order. Listen to your mix on different devices and hear that without low frequencies the whole balance crumbles.
Now everything is exactly from the main one.

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Thanks so much for your feedback!! I’m appreciated. I understand what you mean and agree with you at all. Disappointed that cant to heard it by myself. I’ll make work at my mistakes. Thank you again!!

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Good morning!

Fantastic job!

Really only a few things, the multiple guitar plucks are not lining up together, they are just out of sync. The side-to-side panning cymbal also sticks out, I would change that. Finally, maybe just add the softest of atmospheric pads to fill in any gaps underneath.

Still, great job!

  • Nathan
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Thank you for your feedback!! Im appreciated!!!