FEEDBACK (Rejected Item)

Hey everyone!

I just finished my first jingle for audiojungle. Unfortunately it got rejected, but I really want to improve my production.

Since the email was not really helpful, it would be awesome to get some feedback from you!



It’s too obvious that it’s MIDI and not real instruments. Also, even if the snare sounded real, it would sound like an outdated real snare from 80s.

Thanks for your fast response!

I did this track with Logics default samples.
Do you think, that I can improve it by using better sample packs? Could you recommend a good one?


For drums: Toontrack’s EZDrummer, Superior Drummer

For brass: Symphony Essentials (Brass solo and brass ensemble), Cinesamples Cinebrass

For piano: Piano in blue, Alicia Keys

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi Luke, bumped into this as my first item just got rejected. Can’t find much help but i’ll help you :smiley: I think the brass is the biggest flaw, I would recommend you get Kontakt and a good orchestral library (Spitfire, Eastwest, do a little search to see what suits your needs and budget the most). I wouldn’t underestimate Logic’s Drummer either but if you want complete control programming-wise, i’d just find some better samples (I use Splice a lot to have access to a lot of different samples). Don’t give up!

I really appreciate your advice!

I am currently looking for libraries, but it’s hard to find one, that suits my budget :smile:
However, I’ll keep looking…

Thank you!