Feedback Regarding A Disheartening Rejection

Hi all,

So after over 18 months away from AudioJungle (as a result of some pretty anomalous rejections) I returned a couple of weeks ago with a batch of new submissions.

My first submission - to my great relief - was accepted. It was a dance/pop generic commercial piece of music (

As such, I figured that my second, far more technical, more polished, more detailed and more intricate submission would have to be accepted as well… right? Well, of course, that wasn’t the case.

I really need to work out what I’m doing wrong when I step ‘out of the box’ however after going through AudioJungle’s recommended criteria, I just can’t quite seem to put my finger on what I’m missing.

I would very much welcome any feedback, criticism and instruction and a) why this particular track may have been rejected and b) what I should be doing to avoid these same mistakes. As we all know, we put a lot of effort into each track and hard rejections without any definitive feedback has always been one of this site’s biggest negatives.

Thanks in advance for all your feedback:

Well first off your accepted ‘Growling Frog Pop Dance’ (great title btw) sounds great and I see is getting sales.

I think you may have got too close to the one that was hard rejected. There’s some nice ideas but I can also hear a lot of issues - particularly with the drums - and it doesn’t sound very commercial in the AJ context. Maybe put it on one side for a while and then listen again!

You might try reworking the track with a more generic and mainstream rhythmic feel and possibly speed it up.

Just my personal take on it though.

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Thank you Paul, that’s a wonderful response - just what I was after - and your input is very much appreciated.

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I’m glad it was helpful.

I’ll tell you something, having listened to some of your portfolio: I think you should just keep submitting tracks and not worry about getting a few hard rejects along the way! I say this because you come up with some really original stuff with great commercial appeal (and your average sales per item is impressive).

I’m guessing you probably find it difficult to keep an objective sense of what will work for AJ but maybe it’s easiest just leave that to the reviewers to decide and not get too attached to any particular track.

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