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Hi Akshayraj13,

  • I would replace the ram shadow by an horizontal white line that covers all “RAM LOGO” text.
  • I would increase the letter spacing for “Tagline goes here”, so the text width would match the “RAM LOGO” text width.
  • I would choose other fonts of text, the one(s) you are using seems generic.
  • I would improve the final presentation, here is a conceptual example:


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Hey ! Thnx for correcting me. But why some generic logos approved by graphic river?

Can you please suggest me a matching font for this?

I did some corrections as you said

hi indeed there are a variety of reasons for the item to be rejected in my view, so let’s get started

1- lack of concept
pls keep in mind that nowadays , this is not the same as 2009 and that u need to provide something to strike a niche rather than simply do something that look somehow generic and addressing everyone , so to speak. The problem is that , in this perspective, well what u have here is quite flat in terms of concept

2- global style
to be honest there are several things to reproach as far as global style goes. First of all, is that there is nothing following current trends or being definitely modern in what u have to offer this far, apart maybe from colors, but, even if this is not bad that colors do a bit , this is far from sufficient all the same. Otherwise, still about the global style, the fact of the matter is that there is not much graphic design into what u have done here, which most importantly consists of a silhouette and makes u get confronted with another issue, pls se next point …
3- low commercial potential
this has been a bit dealt with when evoked the global style and the need to push the envelope as far as the visual part goes so that there is more graphic design into it though, there is more to say , all the same, not to mention that there is the issue of hitting the target (people that this logo is addressing to, sort of purchasing base , if u wish). The thing is that for a logo be bought, this takes u to either generate interest from buy when it comes to saving time, or to offer a product beyond their personal skills about the gra[hic design part. In this case, there is none of the two ingredients, so that the commercial potential decreases gamely … Let’s face it, no need to have huge graphic design skills to redo this item, just basic ones are enough for this, and the logo can be recreated quickly and easily , without doing much efforts or having incredible skills. So why would the reviewer accept a file that is felt as having rather little commercial potential, or even none?

4- typo
this stands to evidence that u do not realize yet that much effort is required about it, here , in GR, no matter what is the category u belong to and where are u are posting indeed. Expectation are high in terms of typo since here this is a main focus, probably what is valued the most. People will wait for variations, font combinations, touches of originality , if possible too. What u have this far is sort of clean but flat too, the good news is that once u manage to introduce the ingredients that i have enumerated , relief will be generated rather easily and take your game to the next level

5- execution
sorry but globally this is a bit raw, even if u have only a figure here and this gets worst when we are considering the shadow , which is neither executed properly , nor looking good or realistic in the end …

6- disconnection
actually the text colors and illustration one differ completely , this is sad that u did not introduce a touch of color in the tagline for instance so that both parts do not look like pasted right next to each other but actually really look composed. U cannot manage to achieve just this if the white seems to come out of the blue and have no echo whatsoever in the illustration part

7- preview
pls analyze that the preview file is the interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential future buyer in the other one. Thus, your previews need to be impressive and “sell” what u have created, which means , in other words that the scenery that u outing place should value your creation and make it look desirable. For this, i am sure that u will identify that this can hardly happen with a logo being positioned on the belly rather than on the chest area, especially as the name and tagline have disappeared without w can understand why …


Hey thanks for correcting me, can you please give me tips for choosing perfect typeface? i use free for commercial use and there is limited fonts…

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Have you tried Google Fonts?

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If Graphic River reviewers decided so, I can’t argue about that. Keep focusing in your own work and improve your skills, and soon you will be able to make it through too :+1:

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hi u have a variety of sources for this , some guys have youtube channels dedicated to this for instance, just type best fonts there and u will probably get the right videos to help u and possibly links where to download the concerned fonts …

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