feedback , please



after 8 times hard rejected :slight_smile:
I need feedback before uploading my new project


Your work is lovely but didn’t has an effect on the ground as these days you must make something unique and new ,so the reviewer didn’t see a chance with it for selling.

Focus on the following

  1. Idea + Message
  2. Design + Style
  3. Technology and details
  4. Demand + Need


Thank you


finally approved my project. thank you HardEdgeie and placdarms


I´m glad you made it. This item was rejected before and now approved? It´s excellent in my opinion. It´s weird that it wasn´t approved first time :+1:


thank you.
no, before upload for feedback put it here




my last project hard rejected. I need some advice because I want to Fix problems and upload again. thank you


In my opinion, is too basic about the LED fx, and sometimes not well done, sorry, just an opinion. It needs more details about 3D. Maybe if you add some light atmosphere, some particles, some smooth flares. But if I were you I would work more on the led light effect and reflections of this light on other objects.
Good Luck! :+1:


hi , why sorry ! Thank you very much for guidance


I hope you get approved next time :wink::+1:


thanks a lot :grinning::+1:


Try to play around a bit with built in plugins like CC Glass and CC Blobbylize. These fx will help you to get more realistic textures, and not so flat as they are now. And these plugins will let you show real lights or moving lights on textures, which will be even more detailed and realistic. If you don´t know these plugins there´s a lot of tutorials on YouTube, that´s for sure :+1:


I’m trying to do for realistic textures and I’ll make the 3d all over again. I hope it will be a good project. Thanks for your guidance




Congratulations :tada: Good luck for the sales :slight_smile:


hello again
please give me feedback before upload

thank you


Hi. I think it´s too simple and basic visually to get approved. In my opinion you should work on small details on background and around logo. And logo reveal end is too abrupt, if I were you I would work on the flow of the animation to be smoother (easy ease keyframes and Graph Editor curves).
Good Luck! :+1:


Thank you :pray::+1: