Feedback-please tell me the reason of rejection

please help me with the reason this was rejected, if anyone can point out the problem with eq, reverb, compression, panning etc… like help me see the flawed parts to work more on next time

Hi, I don’t have a lot of experience on AJ (over one year) but I have some experience and I can tell you what I think. In my opinion the whole sound quality isn’t great, too much reverb on cello and too little on piano. I probably wouldn’t do panning full left and right. There id too much bass in recording of cello I would do some eq-ing to sort that out. Melody is going in the right direction but in my opinion it is not fully clear and in my opinion it doesn’t flow the right way. The overall idea is good but you will need on sound quality and melodies a little bit more. Best regards.

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Thank you very much, I appreciate your reply and i will consider your tips in next upload.