Feedback please on item reject

This track was just rejected. It would be helpful to me to get some feedback from the community on why. Thanks in advance for your opinions on this.

I don’t know anymore dude , I think this track is cool , maybe your mix could be litlle better , but in the last couple of days I’ve heard some very nice tracks that got rejected. Maybe Envato staff is raising the bar a bit higher. I get that buyers prefer ukulele and corporate tracks with 3,4 chords better than some apstract music, but there are categories for that kind of music. If they want that , they should erase whose categories… I don’t know what to think anymore… Just work work work and forget about rejected tracks … That’s my opinion. Enjoy bro !

I’m relatively new to audiojungle and of the 20+ items I have submitted only a couple have been kicked to the curb. I’m cool with that but it sure would be nice if the reviewer would tell you exactly why something isn’t a good fit for audiojungle rather than just saying it doesn’t meet standards. So thanks for taking the time to respond FrankiMankizProductions…now I’m off to buy me a ukulele.

hahaha. I bought ukulele 6 months ago, It’s a MUST on music selling stocks :slight_smile: It’s cool instrument when you’re traveling or watching a game ! You can’t take your piano to Spain :slight_smile:

To my mind track is good and it has good potential.
I think that main reason fo reject could be guitar with bands after 0:30. It has good sound, but it’s not standart arrangement for that style. Also to my mind string sample a little bit outdated, maybe it’s better to use more quality sample. Good luck! :slight_smile:

maybe I should use this banjolele more often on my stuff…



thanks for the feedback LuckyBlackCat

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Banjolele, the best from two worlds!

Now you’ve got me wondering something Hyperprod…what if I’d played slide banjolele on the track rather than using the resonator guitar…the track might not have been rejected…

What do you think?

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Sure! Unless there’s a way to use slide on an accordion, this seems like the best solution.

Swamp Slide Accordion music…brilliant Hyperprod!

You’ve probably heard the definition of a gentleman before: A gentleman is one who plays the accordion, but don’t.

yea I’ve heard that…but we’re talkin’ ‘bout slide accordion…I’m tellin’ you if you play slide accordion over a 4 6- 5 progression that has a kik drum, shaker, bass, hand-claps, hooky delayed guitar palm mutes, and maybe some woah oh oh hipster vox… well, it just might get noticed

I see whats going on here on your track. You are trying to make an epic soft emotional track. With that cowboy instrument?
A little conflict here man, a little non commercial and rare case scenario. Remove that bango or whatever and it will be approved.

imo :smiley:

thanks for the input Pandocrator, it is much appreciated… I was on a journey through the swamp and this was supposed to be the final piece in a series of three cinematic tracks, two of which are approved and in my portfolio, Swamp Slide & Swamp Cinema. I guess I’m a gonna have to leave our hero stuck out there lost on some deep dark bayou where the gators are gonna git him…so much for happy endings.

Question: Can you simply remove an instrument on a track that has been rejected and re-submit? The reviewer stated: As the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.
The way that’s worded leads me to believe that I can’t do that kind of thing.

I guess you can try to resubmit if you have drastic changes into your track ( arrangement, melody, mix, different type of instruments etc…).

That banjolele does not sound good with the rest of the track, at least to my ears. Also mix can be better.

I hope this is helpful to you,

This Bango, or whatever this string instrument is, makes for me 80% of the track. So yeah if you remove it its a totally different track imo and you can resubmit, make the melody with solo violin or something…

thanks for the info Rainy Audio…there is no banjolele on this track at present and yes you are right it wouldn’t sound good on this track

thanks for your input Pandocrator…I may consider doing a totally different instrument and resubmitting

Hi, this is a nice track but here are some of my opinions:

  1. At 0:02 something is distorting (it may be the piano that is clipping).
  2. The mixing needs a little bit more work.
  3. It would be better (for the AJ’s sake :sweat_smile:), as someone else said so before, replace the banjo melody line and with a solo violin or cello.

Good luck :wink: