Feedback please guys :)

Hey everyone
Thanks for taking time out to listen, is this okay to upload for submission? I might re-work the ending, i’m not sure about that!

Thank you!!


A very good idea of the track , but I think there need to add reverb for guitar , and not so sharply jamming violin )))


And a little of tremolo for violins¿?, especially at the beginning.


thats very nice :slight_smile:

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@WildLion_Production Thanks WildLion, I’ll make adjustments :slight_smile:

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@Manriquedelara Thanks dude :+1:t3:

@janxcode_team Thanks janxcode team! :+1:t3:

Good emotional composition. I would strengthen the culmination of other tools. :slight_smile:

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Good, nice soft music. I like

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@Manriquedelara Hi dude, I would love to use tremolo on the violins, but I’m using Komplete 10 Ultimate & Project Sam OE and there isn’t an option to use vibrato on instruments, I’m not sure of any way to manipulate this either, any ideas?!

@MusicalGift Hi dude, thanks for your comment, what do you mean by “strengthening other tools?” Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

@ZVEREV Thanks dude!

Add a few instruments: brass, percussion, for climax :slight_smile:

@MusicalGift Thank you! :slight_smile:

I dont use Komplete 10, i cant help you with that.
I think Kontakt is very famous around here, even Edirol could help sometimes.

@Manriquedelara What’s Edirol?!

A quickly example.