Feedback please guys....

Hey everyone
Is this good enough to upload for review?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Really nice track!
Could work a bit on the drums though with more “loose” and “random” quantizing and playing around with the velocities a bit to make it more realistic. It sounds kind of mechanical now (more stereo space and involving some overhaed channels also won’t hurt).

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I am new on envato, I like the guitar riff and guitar sound, but I think the guitars are very present (the bass and drums are on another level).

I think the “fill” the battery at the end is a little out of time.

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Very nice work , but I think you need something else to fill the atmosphere of the track ! to make fatter !!! :wink:

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@SixideBeats - Hi dude, thank you, I’ll have another look at the drums, I know what you mean about them being slightly mechanical! Thank you!

@DastAudio - Hi dude, yes, the guitars do sound prominent, I’ll have another look at this! Thank you!

@WildLion_Production - Hey dude, thanks for you input, I tried filling the song out by layering the guitars, as I just wanted the raw guitar sound, I’ll play around and try find something else to fill it out more :wink: