Feedback please for item rejected


Please if you have time to watch at my ppt presentation (preview image) and give me some feedback. It was rejected for 3 times. Thank you and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

hi , as for me , i have really no idea why it was hard rejected … in a general way i think that your work is nice overall, though i assume that titles are not impressive … a bit too flat and not really outstanding , hence maybe a not perfect hierarchy of information, but is that a sufficient reason to hard reject?

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you should try to rework titles buddy, do not fail to keep in mind that typo, here, is overly important … then u can try to submit again and if u are not accepted, i guess the only alternative left that u will have will be to find another place to post your item …

Thank you for your review. I will try to make a few changes to the layout aspect as well, maybe it will be accepted. If it will not be accepted then I will try to post the presentation elsewhere… :slight_smile:

If its rejected 3 times already, then maybe you have a chance uploading somewhere else?. Once hard reject, you cannot reupload the same upload again, unless there is huge changes which is a complete different design. Don’t stick too long with the same upload, move on. Do research, improve, be original, upload again. No such thing as easy approval. I know you spend a lot of time on it, but really on stocksites you need to be 1 step ahead every time. If 1 upload is rejected, you already are making something else for upload.

Also from my own experience try to find something that sticks with you that you can upload daily or weekly and work 1 big project that takes months to prepare. Its not easy, but always have a backup.

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