Feedback please after rejection

Hello, I am new here and my first uploaded track was rejected. It was advised to ask on the forum about opinions to find out more. Thank you !

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The participants will be more willing to help you if they can listen to music without going to other services.

Tank you, I have changed it as u suggested. Thanks

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You have displaced tools at right. you need to distribute the instruments evenly across the panorama. The idea is good. try to make a “mix” again .

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Thank you, although I am not allowed to submit it again. I will have it it mind next time

If you make drastic changes in the track, the description, tags and title you can once again submit it for review. As far as I know. Try to make the track more transparent to add a little
"Tape saturation" on the master bus of 2000 - 20 000 Hz.

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