Feedback On Uploaded Track

Hey Guys,

I uploaded this track a few days ago, and while it’s in the queue I would appreciate some feedback on it. Let me know what you guys think!

note: this is the mp3 version

Haven’t used this soundcloud account in a while haha, pardon the poorly designed Microsoft Paint logo.

You better upload watermarked version :wink:

Yeah I thought about that, don’t have the watermarked version at work right now, I will change it later but I think I can risk it til then. Thanks for the advice though Enrize, you’re lookin out for me!

Does that mean you think it will sell? haha

K watermarked version is up.

This is pretty good! The only less convincing part could be the closing note on 0:32 in my opinion…
but it’s cool, good luck!

Thanks Erikari, noted!

Hey nice work! I really like your harmonic choices and piano arp.

IMO, I do think the strings (horns?) that come in at :18 and again later carrying the melody let the track down a lot. Two main reasons…they sit too close in frequency range to the piano, which reduce clarity, and just the quality of the patches sound very “MIDI” like.

I think if you either bump your melody up an octave, or use a different patch with more mid-range punch it would help a ton with your main melody.

Seriously good track though!


Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate it!

I’m aware of the frequency range clash between the piano and horns. I’ve done minor EQ and compression to try to fix it a little bit, but not much more than that. Honestly, I thought about it a lot, but I’ve come to like how these melodies play with each other. I think it adds to the mysterious nature of the track, and I like how the horns and strings are kinda tucked behind the piano, not sticking out at you.

Anyway, we’ll see what the reviewers think, but thanks a lot for your feedback. You have a very valid point.

Do you think the horn and strings sound too mechanical?