Feedback on Under Construction/Coming Soon template

I got another hard rejection on a coming soon/under construction replay. I can’t see what it’s wrong with it so anyone with a fresh pair of eyes is welcome.

Here you can see a working demo: this

Thanks in advance.

The concept is nto bad although a little on the basic side.

Certain elements are v hard to read e.g. active link in the nav and some of the texts in the copy due to the BG image of the clouds - definitely better with solid colours or overlay versions.

The 'coming on January 9th; is a nice idea but I am not sure it stands out enough or isa strong enough feature

It’d probably be helpful to have the words hours, minutes etc under the counter

Its kind of irritating that the right the address/icons etc in contact do not align to the left hand column or form fields

Avoidable validation issues

Thank you @charlie4282 for taking the time to review and reply. Honestly, I’d like to receive this kind of feedback that addresses some issues on the template instead of the standard hard rejection message.

I’m going to check the things you point out for sure, the only thing I’m not convinced is the words under the counter. Anyway, I appreciate a lot your comments and I’m going to twist things a little bit and upload again, hope this time it’s the good one.

I do kind of agree with you about the words under the counter - i just feel the counter feels ‘lost in space’ - maybe box in/frame the set or individual counters?

I could end up adding some dots to the counter - 212.16:02:02 - to make it feel more like a clock. I want to keep it as simple as I can.

I think anything will help - it just needs something to break it up and differentiate the sections no matter how minimal you make it

You said they were validation issues, what did you found?