Feedback on this track


Hi Friends!

I kind of got stuck on this. Can you please see if it will do or some is missing perhaps?


Hey! If you ask for opinion here what I think about it. Please, remember it just an opinion and I might be wrong because it always matter of taste.

  1. The bass line isn’t most catchy, why would you give it so many time before other part coming in?
    For me best part in this track was when piano comes in, bringing some kind of melody or riff. What if you start track with piano and guitar? or just pinao and then will add some samples to grow tension and “boom” here comes drums and bass line. effect of train starting slowly and then running as fast as it can. I think that would wok out for you.
  2. On Bridge - maybe adding some sort of melody instruments or new riff would work out.

Anyway, wish you good luck with this track!


Thank you sir! :slight_smile: