Feedback on Template


I would really appreciate some feedback on my recently rejected HTML Template.


Thank you.


It has potential but seems very simplistic, too simplistic for Envato standards.

There needs to be more than makes it stand out against other themes in the market.

While it seems very nice and clean, it also seems to be incomplete in my opinion.

Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciate it!

So do you mean adding more elements to the home layouts and introducing new ones would make it worth to resubmit?

In my opinion it would not hurt it. It could only offer more to your theme for buyers!

Keep in mind, your selling a theme that’s being used potentially by thousands of people.

So try and accommodate your buyers by offering all possibilities that may arise.

The more that’s available to a buyer, the more likely they will see an interest in the item.

It is very simplistic though and needs work to stand out. Just my opinion but think it also is a great start!