Feedback on rejected tracks

Hi, everybody! My tracks was rejected. Please, give me some feedback what you think about this. What I do wrong and what i can do better for feauture?


In a nutshell, some obvious flaws that I noticed:

First track: You have a slight overload in the drums, also the mixing is not good enough and there is a lot of unwanted buzz.

Second track: It sounds better than the first, but still, in my opinion, not good enough and not enough high-quality sound.

Third track: After 0:24 a very strong buzz in the lower middle. Also here it is worth modifying the mixing and arrangement as a whole.

Fourth track: The same problems with drums and mixing.

Fifth track: Sounds better than all previous tracks that are higher (because there are no humming drums :slight_smile: except at the end ). This is already much closer to a better recording option.

Try to listen to tracks in the same genres, also I think you need to pay more attention to your sound and mixing.

My thoughts.

Good luck!

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Привет. Я не являюсь каким то профи, но даже мне слышны проблемы в сведении. Как говорилось выше, во всех треках бубнящие и гудящие барабаны. Во втором треке с 1:50 вообще слышен треск от перегруза (клипует). Короче вся проблема здесь в сведении. И удели большое внимание именно перкуссии. Удачи тебе!

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Thanks! I’ll try to do better.

Спасибо за отзыв! Взаимно!